Are you getting enough recovery?


One of the most common setbacks that individuals face in their pursuit of goals is truly themselves! When I say that I merely reference the ever so common mentality of the more you work, the harder you push, and the greater the sweat, you’ll be at your goal that much faster. The reality is this simply isn’t the case and more often than not less is more. Regardless of your goal, I’ll explain what happens and why when you go to certain extreme’s!

The extreme dieter!

This one I personally am guilty of since I’m a fat kid at heart. The common notion regarding weight loss is wrapped up on the concept of caloories in vs. calories out and that weightloss always occurs when your body is in a deficit. This simply isn’t true! When your body hits extreme levels of caloric excretion it searches for readily available fuel stores which can be glycogen, aminos(muscle), or adipose(fat), yet this also results in a slowing of your metabolism which results in decreased calorie burn as your body is struggling to feed your machine. In this mode we as an evolutionary and ancestry characteristic go in to survival mode. This result in our body converting and absorbing almost any and all calories that are consumed as your body essentially thinks there’s no guarantee when you’ll eat again!

One of the best ways to protect your muscles regardless of condition and optimum recovery is ensuring you keep glutamine and amino acids flowing through your veins!

The “meat head” lifter!

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Simply put if your muscles are tired or sore, DON’T LIFT! It completely defeats the purpose and results in excessive breakdown of the tissues. On average the best rule of thumb is minimum 3-5 days recovery of worked muscle groups. This is to ensure maximum recovery which will net the best results for growth and repair. This will also limit the risk of over use injuries to not only the muscles affected, but the stabilizers such as the ligaments and tendons.

Work smart, play hard, and pursue you goals with a game plan to win!


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