Are you eating enough greens?


It’s easy to go through the days living the world through essentially colorless foods, and stay boxed into the norm of the yellows,  whites, browns, and reds…. pretty much the carbo-licious rich goodness we all enjoy. Yet our bodies desire so much more and the benefits of greens are being missed by a large majority of the population!

When most hear that they need more greens, they typically think of a boring salad with spinach and kale. However, there are many varieties of greens, each packing a powerhouse of nutrients that benefit you in different ways. Although greens are one of the most needed foods to include in our diet to achieve optimal health and wellness, most people don’t eat enough of them.
The primary nutrient in green plants is chlorophyll, and the reason why they appear green. Chlorophyll’s medical benefits are limitless and many refer to chlorophyll as the plant’s blood, as this is the aspect that converts and transforms energy from the sun and keeps the plant healthy.
Chlorophyll alone has the power to purify our blood, improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure, detox and prevent toxic growth, promote healthy intestinal flora, promote liver function, naturally deodorize the body and help fight disease by counteracting inflammatory conditions.

While iron is associated with human blood, magnesium is associated with chlorophyll, a trace mineral that many people are deficient in. Migraines, Attention Deficit Disorder, fibromyalgia, and allergies are just a few of the conditions associated with insufficient magnesium intake. When taken, magnesium ha in the proper dose magnesium has power to balance the body and organ function, improve mental health, and benefit digestion and blood sugar regulation. Additionally, greens are high source of calcium, iron, vitamins A, C, E & K, fiber, folic acid and are packed with enzymes, minerals and phytonutrients. Research has even suggested that leafy greens can assist in cancer prevention.cytogreens-allmax-nutrition
So how can you get your greens on a daily basis? The best way to consume greens is raw or prepared in a dehydrator at a very low temperature (115 degrees or less) for a few hours, as cooking destroys many of the nutritional properties described above. For this reason, many people choose to supplement their diet with pure chlorophyll tablets or liquid concentrate, or organic high quality greens powders.

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