Do Post-Workout Snacks Matter?


What do you do after a hard workout? Do you collapse on the couch? Eat a big meal because you feel you deserve it? We all have cravings and especially after we burn lots of calories. Post-workout snacks are important for your recovery and help you reach your fitness goals. We all need to eat because food is the fuel for your body.

Are Post-Workout Snacks are Important?
After a good workout, your muscles are tired and your stomach may start grumbling. Ready to burn energy and sugar in your muscles are depleted. If you don’t eat and bring in more energy, your muscle will get eaten away and you will more likely to crave for unhealthy foods later in the day. By feeding your body after your workout, you will replenish much needed glycogen and protein needed by your muscles to recover and repair. Keeping yourself well fed is important so that you won’t crave sugar later as well as giving you energy. Use best judgement to size your meal, the title of this article is Post-Workout Snacks NOT Post-Workout Buffet!

What is a good Post-Workout Snack?
After a good workout, two food elements are important: Protein and Carbohydrates!

Carbohydrates are great after a good workout, they help your body more effectively utilize the amino acids in the protein which helps your muscles recover and assists nutrients to make their way to the muscle cells.

Protein is also a good and necessary after workout because protein helps you repair your muscle tissue and can be found in lean meats, eggs, tofu and protein powders.

I am busy and don’t have time to prepare my post-workout snack
Sure, most of us are much too busy to prepare our own homemade post-workout snacks. Luckily you are not the only ones and many supplement manufacturers knowing this demand have created some very good energy bars which are good, healthy and mostly tasty too. Here are a few good energy bars that I would recommend for Post-Workout snack.

  • Quest Protein Bars
  • All-Natural Complete Cookie by Lenny and Larry
  • Oh Yeah! One Bar
  • Stock Up and Don’t be caught not having a Post-Workout Snack
    Try to plan for your workout snack. Make sure you stock up enough so that you will not skip this snack and crave for larger and bad meals later. Better yet you can even motivate yourself by telling yourself you will be rewarded with a good snack after a good workout.

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