How to do a proper plank


The plank is extremely effective for strengthening your core, shoulder and hips. To do an effective plank you should hold the plank position in small time frames for no more than 10 seconds for each rep. The reason why 10 second or less is best is because the muscles that are used in this exercise are pillar muscle group. Pillar muscles work best when firing a maximal muscle contraction in a small timeframe.

After doing multiple reps, you will activate the pillar muscle group deep and effectively.

If you hold a plank position for more than 10 seconds, you start to compromise how your core is working. The pillar muscle group was NOT built to handle isometric positions. When you force them to do so, you will force the other muscles such as your lower back to help support and stabilize the core (which is not something we want).

Here are my recommended reps:

  • Do 3 sets of 10 seconds plank with 10 second rest repeat for 10 reps (easy to remember 3-10-10-10)
  • When holding the plank flex your glutes (butt), quads (legs), and abs as much as you can
  • Your elbow should be directly (90 degrees) under your shoulder
  • Your hands and fingers should be interlocked in front of you
  • Your head should be in natural (straight, not up or down) position

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