The possible cause to your knee pain!

knee pain

If your a very active person that keeps looking for the answers to why you may be suffering from reoccurring knee injuries then look no further than ITBS!

Iliotibial band syndrome is one of the leading causes of lateral knee pain. The IT band is a thick band of muscle on the side of the knee, extending from the outside of the hip and inserting just below the knee. The band is critical to stabilizing the knee during running and motion, as it moves from behind the  to the front of the femur during activity. The continual rubbing of the band combined with the repeated flexion and extension of the knee during running may cause the area to become inflamed.


ITBS symptoms vary from a stinging pain just above the knee joint, to swelling or thickening of the tissue in the area where the band moves over the femur. The stinging pain just above the knee joint is felt on the outside of the knee or along the entire length of the iliotibial band. Pain may not occur immediately during activity, but may intensify over time. Pain is most commonly felt when the foot strikes the ground, and pain might persist after activity. Pain may also be present above and below the knee, where the ITB attaches to the tibia. It will also hurt if you twist your knee to turn a corner.

While ITBS pain can be acute, the iliotibial band can be rested, iced, compressed and elevated(aka, the RICE method) to reduce pain and inflammation, followed by stretching, foam rolling, and many of its modalities, can offer relief if symptoms arise.

The key is to listen to your body, and follow proper warm up and cool down techniques to reduce impact and complications following any activity!




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