Upper body blast workout!

upper body

So you want to change your routine up a tad, but not sure how. This routine will be a wonderful jolt to the upper body muscles and encourage new development and strength through recruitment of more endurance based muscle fibers. This allows the body to break through any existing plateaus, and promotes new development. This is a bonus especially for those that have been doing the same routine for more than 12 weeks!

All movements are to be performed for 4 sets at a weight you struggle to get to 12 reps with. The period of rest between sets will be 30 seconds max, and you can add in core/ abdominals instead of complete rest.

  • Wide grip lat pulldown / Bosu ball push-ups
  • Wide grip high rows/ incline chest press
  • close grip low row/ dumbbell pull overs
  • Dumbbell chest flies/ Dumbbell rear flyes
  • Finish the routine with 30 wall balls super set with lateral raises which will be sure to finish off your upper body with a BANG!



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