Kick your week off right with a kick a$$ Leg day!

leg day

Nothing screams success greater than the feeling of having a very difficult time walking out of the gym following a grueling leg day. So lets start this week off with a bang and get those wheels spinning with a true “lifter’s” routine! No frills, no vasted energy stability work or plyometrics, just good ole fashion tried and true for decades “see weight, lift weight, move weight as much as you can”! This leg day promises to leave you feeling it to the core, and if it doesn’t, you DID NOT push yourself hard enough and load enough weight!

This routine is designed to be performed at maximal effort with only 1 warm-up set, and 4 active sets of 8-10 reps HEAVY!

  • Legs press
  • Straight leg deadlifts
  • Stationary lunges on the smith machine
  • Wall sit with knees shoulder width apart
  • Leg extension
  • Leg curl

500 invisible jump ropes or weighted calf raises superset with mountain climbers will serve as your finishing cardio. Perform non stop for 10 mins after completion of leg routine, and be sure to feed high quality carbohyrdates/ sugars and protein within 30 mins of completion! This is the key time period that’s known as the “Anabolic window” that of which your body is most in need of and most receptive to nutrients and calories to use, store, and convert into future lean muscle fibers! 


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