Does macros counting even really matter?


On all the social media outlets, publications, and craze diets there is a constant throat punch worth of literature on “keep it in your macros”. I’ll have to admit it has a catchy jingle to it and all, but what does that phrase really mean? In case your still asking yourself “what is a macro?’, it’s short for macronutrients which in the world we live in today basically just means calories. This is where everything goes wrong though as a macro nutrient IS NOT just a calorie.

A macronutrient aka macros, is more than just a calorie, it’s a specific source of energy that nets X amount of calories. So for example protein and carbs will net you 4 calories, while fat nets 9 and alcohol nets 10. As you can see these are al very different types of fuel that have different effects on the body. The important thing about macronutrients and goals are specific percentages to net certain goals. The best rule of metrics for macronutrients are percentages of macros based on your bodies basal metabolic rate(BMR).

These percentages are truly what matter, and not calorie counting when your trying to meet a goal:

Fat loss= 50% protein, 30% fats, 20% carbs

Muscle gain= 60% carbs, 30% proteins, 10% fats

Maintain= 40% carbs. 40% protein, 20% fats


This is the true way to count your macros and the ridiculous calories in vs. calories out has no meaning to your body as all your body wants to do is convert fuel to energy when in a deficit. Yet that fuel often comes at the expense of lost muscle mass and slow fat loss as a result of inadequate calorie structuring.

Long story short, the best bodies of all time never counted their calories and still managed to obtain optimal conditioning in their prime!

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