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The worst gym habits everyone should avoid!

1 / Don’t Be A Chatty Cathy

We’re all guilty of this one regardless whether you admit it or no. From the front door, to the locker room, to the gym floor the chances of getting caught in a casual …

Grab a bag of the best protein chips EVER!

Quest nutrition┬áhas revolutionized┬áthe way we think of high protein snacks. Everyone has always been accustomed to their traditional protein shake or bar, yet those can easily leave you looking for more in the way of satisfaction. That’s where …

green tea

Give this natural pre workout a try!

When we think of pre workout we often immediately relate it to substances that give you a rush or jolt of energy to push you through your fitness routine. These can be either formulated compounds, Caffeine, or other ingredients that …


Chinese food company Xiwang bought MuscleTech!

MuscleTech (Iovate Health Sciences International, Inc) has announced it has sold a majority of their shares to a Chinese company Xiwang Foodstuffs Co., Ltd from Shenzhen China.

Iovate is also the manufacturer of the famous fat burner Hydroxycut.

Even …