Summer’s here, but are you hydrated enough? Dehydration signs 101!

The heat has set in across the majority of the country, and the outdoor fun is in full effect. This is that time of year where you really start to push yourself, and in those moments enough when your not …

The ever illusive rear delts, and how to best train them!

One of the most defining muscles on your frame is also one of the smallest and hardest to target. The rear delts add a whole new 3D level of development on the frame and not only do they contribute to …

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Claims by Stimul8

Powered by IRISINXD™ a Patent Pending blend of highly sought after stimulants, STIMUL8 triggers the system into a state of extreme internal body temps, slicing through fat while preserving and increasing lean muscle mass


The worst gym habits everyone should avoid!

1 / Don’t Be A Chatty Cathy

We’re all guilty of this one regardless whether you admit it or no. From the front door, to the locker room, to the gym floor the chances of getting caught in a casual …

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Are artificial sweeteners good while trying to burn fat?

So your working hard to chisel out your perfect beach body, or just drop a few extra lbs you’ve been lugging around with you and now’s the time to loose it yet there are some items that your finding incredibly …


Spare your muscle and shed your stubborn fat all at once with Recomp RX!


What is Recomp RX?

Recomp RX is a mountain moving body recomposition supplement that allows you to transform fat for muscle thanks to the amazing ingredients of ursolic acid. This potent compound is highly anabolic, also is extraordinary anti-catabolic …

stair climber

The true stair climber! Running the bleachers.

With the invention of the cardio machines that we have come to know and hate(well it’s a love hate relationship), easily one of the best forms of not only cardiovascular conditioning, but hardcore HIIT to the root of the meaning …


Are you an ALPHA? Dominate with TriAlpha from OUTLAW Laboratory!

So you’ve been packing on the lean mass lately with either one of Outlaw’s revolutionary Testosterone products such as TriDeca or TriTest, well don’t let all that hard work and effort go to waste.


weight lifting shoe

Weight lifting shoes and when to use them!

You ma have found yourself in the gym one day, possibly near the squat racks and you look over to the person next to you and you see what appears to look like platform style shoes with about an extra …


Is this the best lean muscle builder of all time? METHA-QUAD EXTREME!

With all the products on the market that make claims and promises that are often met with severe let down and disappointment, there’s one brand on the market that always follows through…. The brilliant chemists at Blackstone Labs. They are …