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Embrace your Paleo side with this sweet Caramel Dip and apple recipe!

So you need that little jolt or boost or natural energy in the afternoon.

Either to get you through the rest of the day, or to use as a preworkout snack that will keep you going strong the whole way …

Try these 2 easy exercises to improve your running time and distance!

Your going through the motion of throwing on your running shoes and walking out the door to get in the “X” amount of miles you tell yourself your going to do that day can lead to your body plateauing and …


Enjoy this high protein Coffee treat!

With trying to be healthy there are plenty of moments where you may feel as if you’re depriving yourself of the things that you always have loved. One of these delights maybe your love for a delicious frozen coffee!

This …


Add spinning to your leg day for a better workout!

While most only think of leg day as being the big push movements such as squats, leg press, deadlifts, and lunges, theres a great deal of benefit to adding a high intensity leg straining cardio blast at the end of …


Treat yourself with Apple Cinnamon protein muffins!

Apple Cinnamon Protein Muffins

These amazingly moist and protein packed Apple Cinnamon Protein Muffins are sweetened with maple syrup and are the best post workout,breakfast, or fun pick me up on those cheat days or after a hard days work.…


The bubble butt blog post! (training glutes correctly)

So many women seek that perfectly round and shapely hind end with the hopes of having rock solid glutes that fill out those yoga pants nicely.

Now I’m all for this effort and hardwork that plays into the mix yet …


What is cardio? Karvonen formula

In a fitness world dominated by the treadmills, spin classes, stair masters, and the aimless ability for someone to be able to run mile after mile all for the sake of feel good-isms this is predominantly what one would think …


Are you getting quality protein in your diet?


So it’s pretty easy to find the latest and greatest fad diet, or follow what worked for your friends friend…. but with the hustle and grind the average person goes through are you focusing on the quality of what’s …


The danger of free radicals

With our ever changing surroundings and often frequent exposure to different types of toxins found in our food and beverages, all this can cause internal havoc and also result in unintended consequences.

Free radicals are organic molecules responsible for cellular …


Ketogenic dieting

The world thought Dr. Robert Atkins was out of his mind when he brought to the world the high fat low carb diet, when truth be told he was far ahead of his time in the diet world.

The Atkins …