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Bcaa timing and why they are the most important of all supplements!

Branched chain amino acids aka BCAAs have been used in the fitness industry for a significant period of time, and yet there still seems to be a great deal of floating misinformation and marketing that has consumers not maximizing the …

Creamy Whey Avocado protein pudding!

So your looking for something exciting and delicious to finish off a hard workout or end the night with a tasty bang, you need not look any further than this incredibly creamy recipe for Whey Avocado protein pudding.

A wholefoods …


Does macros counting even really matter?

On all the social media outlets, publications, and craze diets there is a constant throat punch worth of literature on “keep it in your macros”. I’ll have to admit it has a catchy jingle to it and all, but what …


The importance of grip/ forearm strength

When we go to the gym we traditionally think of the major muscle groups such as chest, back, arms, and legs.

Yes there are some people that focus on one of the specific groups listed above like women love doing …


Friday night delights! Elite XT

So you’ve been training has as can be in order to meet whatever set goals you may currently have. You’ve been strict and your looking to let loose and have a fun cheat meal. Well tonight’s that night, and have …

exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy

There are many different belief’s and recommendations when it comes to what types of workout’s you should or shouldn’t partake in, the intensity of the workout, and most importantly knowing how to appropriately monitor your body while working out during …


Feed you muscles with Blackstone Labs Glycolog!

Most folks don’t understand the real reason you eat carbohydrates pre and post workout to gain mass, so here’s the reason why!

The most anabolic hormone in the human body is insulin. The secretion of insulin is directly linked to …

pull muscles

The PULL your a$$ off day!

So we’ve gone over the push day, but you’ve been waiting to get those hard grinding pull movements in. Unlike the push muscles the pull muscles of the body generally work together as a team.

Well let’s do it! The …


The key to rock hard Abs!

One of the most over-trained group of muscles on the human body besides chest for males, and legs for females would be ironically a muscle that truly never stops working all day long.

The mistake often comes when individuals think …


The power of core: Valsalva maneuver

One of the most thrown out words is “core” training, and the lack of definition lead many to naturally assume the abdominal.

Core strength and stability go hand in hand. Not just how ripped your abs maybe, but your ability …