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German designed madness! Nitraflex from GAT reviewed.

The Nitraflex Promise

  • Designed for the non faint of heart and seekers of extreme mass and strength gains! Formulated with proven ingredients that will help: Promote Energy, Strength, and Testosterone and Reduce Feelings of Fatigue.

What is Nitraflex?

NITRAFLEX contains …

Activity trackers, do they really work? A fitness pros opinion.

There’s been an entire industry created out of the introduction of watches and wristbands claiming to essentially tell you everything from calories burned, workout time, sleep patterns, heart rates resting and active, and the ever so cliché step counter and …


Make todays lift count! Full body workout.

While we all set goals in our routines, it’s easy to get stuck in the repetitive motion of “routine”. There are many benefits to routine’s regarding consistency of lifts and monitoring progress, yet they can also hinder results as they …


Quick clean and easy granola bars to go with your protein coffee!

If your tired of the same old boring snacks, these energy packed quick and easy granola bars are sure to change your mind on snack time. With very little ingredients and a basically non existent amount of prep time this …


A protein that burns fat?! This one does!

Ok so yes it’s easy to quickly get hooked on that protein your friends, cousins, brother suggested to you, but what is it really doing for your and how does it benefit you?

There are many ways to get the …


Oxy Xtreme fat burner reviewed!

What is Oxy Xtreme?

With the rise and fall of certain stimulants such as DMAA, there has been one real front runner that’s been here for the long haul and is sizzling away not only the competition….. but building better …


This is cocoNUTS!

We see the glory and majesty of coconuts all around us from the flakes, water, oils, and how they all are oh so beneficial to your personal well-being, and a must have for everyone how has a diet routine or …


Summer’s here, but are you hydrated enough? Dehydration signs 101!

The heat has set in across the majority of the country, and the outdoor fun is in full effect. This is that time of year where you really start to push yourself, and in those moments enough when your not …


The ever illusive rear delts, and how to best train them!

One of the most defining muscles on your frame is also one of the smallest and hardest to target. The rear delts add a whole new 3D level of development on the frame and not only do they contribute to …

stimul8 header

URGENT!!! Dont wait, STIMUL8!


Claims by Stimul8

Powered by IRISINXD™ a Patent Pending blend of highly sought after stimulants, STIMUL8 triggers the system into a state of extreme internal body temps, slicing through fat while preserving and increasing lean muscle mass