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What is a HIIT exercise?

What is HIIT? HIIT is the workout everybody likes to brag about. They brag about about HIIT because they have brag about their success with pictures of their bodies on Instagram. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and HIIT was …

Do Post-Workout Snacks Matter?

What do you do after a hard workout? Do you collapse on the couch? Eat a big meal because you feel you deserve it? We all have cravings and especially after we burn lots of calories. Post-workout snacks are important …


How to do a proper plank

The plank is extremely effective for strengthening your core, shoulder and hips. To do an effective plank you should hold the plank position in small time frames for no more than 10 seconds for each rep. The reason why 10 …

delicious kale chips

Make your own delicous kale chips!

Like potato chips, you can not stop after having just one. These baked kale chips are low in calories and highly nutritious. Takes only a few minutes to make. Great for parties too.

Step 1 : Preparing the kale
Get …


How to be a morning person

I used to NOT be a morning person. Instead I would tell my friends that I enjoy staying up late and brag about how late I go to sleep. As I get older, I realize doing things in the morning …


Is it better to exercise in the morning?

The question of when to exercise is one of those classic frequently asked question for everybody who routinely exercise. After looking into this topic, unfortunately the answer is not clear, there are many pros and cons for different times of …


Why can’t I lift more than others?

How many times have you thought to yourself why that person you saw in the gym who is same size or smaller than you was able to lift more than you? You are not alone. 80% of athletes have this …

Foreplay before your exercise

Foreplay before getting into it!

Before getting into it, you should know that you will perform better and longer if you prepare your body into the action. Our body and mind needs time (just a few minutes) to warm-up. Even if you feel tired or …


Chinese food company Xiwang bought MuscleTech!

MuscleTech (Iovate Health Sciences International, Inc) has announced it has sold a majority of their shares to a Chinese company Xiwang Foodstuffs Co., Ltd from Shenzhen China.

Iovate is also the manufacturer of the famous fat burner Hydroxycut.

Even …


Arnold “I will not be back”, left Musclepharm

Arnold Schwarzenegger has stopped being the promoter for Musclepharm.

Arnold announced on May 6, 2016 that he has “concluded his relationship Denver based nutritional supplement company Musclepharm. Arnold, the “Austrian Oak” has been the helping Musclepharm promote their Arnold series.…