The power of the DROP-SET!

While most of the folks we see rolling into the gym’s either go there to repeat the EXACT same routine they pulled from somewhere or they opt for the more what I call “freelance lifting” approach, meaning they grab whatever …

Calorie loading to bulk! Quickmass by Allmax.

Everybody is always looking for more whether it’s athletic performance, endurance, leaner or in many instances fast muscle gains.

Well you need calories to make this happen and Allmax nutrition has really put together a great blend for the folks …


Find your focus!

We all know the phrase “mind over matter” and are told from childhood we can do anything we set our mind’s to in order to achieve in what we do. The reality is this is very much the case and …


Too much pump? Truth about Rhabdomyolysis a.k.a Rhabdo

We all go in to the gym looking to give it our all, and the reality is you can give it too much.

Obtaining a pump and breaking “tearing down” the muscular structures are critical for growth and strengthening. Yet …


The best way to deadlift…..

Often one of the most overlooked or just blatantly skipped movements in a lifter’s routine is the deadlift.

Now most tend to sway away from them since they can be a slightly trickier movement to master, or use some form …


What is cardio? Karvonen formula

In a fitness world dominated by the treadmills, spin classes, stair masters, and the aimless ability for someone to be able to run mile after mile all for the sake of feel good-isms this is predominantly what one would think …


HGH boosting while you sleep!

From infancy Growth hormone factor plays a key role in stimulating growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration within the human body.

HGH in it’s natural form is found in the human body as somatotropin which promotes and stimulates many key …


What are the quads?

When most people think of leg day they traditionally don’t take into account the fact that the quads are critical to structure and support to the knee or why it is they’re even called “quads”.

Well those pretty muscles that …



Many have come to the norm of going in to the gym and doing their routine, but there’s absolutely nothing worst than someone with horrific gym etiquette!

Below is a list of simple gym ettiquette courtesies that will not only …

Mr. Olympia 2016

Mr. Olympia 2016

The Olympia weekend is the mecca of the battle of body builder’s from around the world. In essence it’s what every blood, sweat, and protein shake is destined for in the mind of these competitors.

Now the coveted Mr. Olympia …