Close look at Sugar alcohols!

Will all the newer trending foods using sugar alcohols as sweetening agents, it’s often unclear what they really are or how they affect you.

Sugar alcohols the name is rather confusing in itself as they are neither sugar nor alcohols, …

Build the boulder shoulders you’ve always wanted!

Nothing stands out more on the human physique than rock solid deltoids, and to build just that  you’ve got to go HARD on shoulder day.

Below is a routine guaranteed to leave your shoulders numb in a good way, and …


What is Testosterone therapy?

A consistently increasing trend in not just the fitness world, but in the general health world men and women alike are receiving some form of testosterone therapy with amazing anti-aging, fat loss, and muscles building results.

What does this mean? …


Plasmajet is back! Gaspari’s new breakthrough formula.

Alright this one I’m excited about guys. I’ve been in and around supplements since even basic Creatine was looked at as “hardcore”, but this new product will be sure to turn heads.

We’ve seen some of the big dogs in …


The YOGA way

The large majority of fitness and activity enthusiasts find their fix in some form of physical activity that requires extreme outputs of energy and results in a great deal of muscular breakdown and fatigue.

When truth be told this always …

exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy

There are many different belief’s and recommendations when it comes to what types of workout’s you should or shouldn’t partake in, the intensity of the workout, and most importantly knowing how to appropriately monitor your body while working out during …


Want an energy explosion? Then Lipodrene is for you.

There are a ton of good fat burners, energy boosters, and appetite suppressants available in today’s market, but one that tends to stand above the rest is Lipodrene by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

There’s a lot to say about this product, but …


Benefits of finding your 1 max rep.

In a world of workout routine’s filled with rep counts such as 10, 15, 20-25, all the way til don’t stop til you drop, how do you really determine the effective working capacity of the targeted muscles?

Well the answer’s …


Carbohydrate back loading

Carbohydrate back loading is a relatively well used technique in muscle growth routines/ diets, yet the technique of “true” carbohydrate back loading is a fine tuned approach in order to maximize the effectiveness.

Carbohydrate back loading essentially exploits the benefits …

american flag

Honor the fallen and all the TFsupplements family would like to honor all the hero’s that have given us the freedom’s and liberties to be here today. Without those dedicated few, we wouldn’t be able to be health and wellness to all …