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Natadrol Platinum Series 

  by   LG Sciences
LG Sciences Natadrol Platinum Series
Overall Rating:   3.5 out of 5
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LG Sciences

Natadrol Platinum Series

LG Sciences Natadrol: The World's Strongest Non-Steroidial Androgen!


WARNING: Don't even think about buying another tribulus or herbal testosterone booster until you read this...


Natadrol is a new supplement from LG Sciences that is billed as a phyto-based alternative to andro based hormonal supplements. Natadrol is a mixture of 4 potent plant based anabolic agents that have some interesting science behind them and could be a very exciting alternative to things like Tribulus Terrestris and even could compete with andro based prohormones. Natadrol is a non-steroidal androgenic supplement composed of natural androgens, anabolics and pSARMs. These components have been shown in the preliminary scientific literature and make Natadrol the premier natural muscle-building supplement on the market. Let’s take a look at what makes Natadrol so effective. Many of the ingredients in Natadrol are new, but there are some ingredients that are also well established in the bodybuilding community for being excellent performance enhancing agents. The combination of these ingredients into one supplement is very unique however. Here is a run down of the ingredients in Natadrol:

The Androgenic aspect of the ingredients of Natadrol:

Tinospora Cordifolia - Tinospora Cordifolia is the first ingredient on the bottle and it is specifically called out to be the ethanolic extract of this herb.  Tinospora Cordifolia is an herbal activator of the androgen receptor5, and it is shown in the scientific literature to be about as potent as Hydroxy-Testosterone (hydroxytestosterone is the active version of Formestane) 6. LG Sciences is the only product where you can get the authentic water extract of this product; don’t be fooled into buying imitation products that say they contain the ethanolic extract of this product! Anyone wishing to use Tinospora Cordifolia for its muscle building effects should ensure that they have the ethanolic extract in their supplement to avoid any complications. It is found in the ethanolic extract as opposed to the water extract. It has been shown in literature to exhibit androgenic effects, which are confirmed by the discovery that these effects were reversed by the anti-androgen flutamide1.  What is so remarkable about this compound is that not only did it ACT like an androgen in key tissues; its androgenic effects were blocked, similar to DHT by the anti-androgen flutamide, meaning its activity on the androgen receptor is confirmed. The ethanolic extract was also shown to not at all be estrogenic, which means only the ethanolic extract is appropriate for bodybuilders. In addition, Tinospora Cordifolia enhances muscle contraction by lowering the effects of acetylcholinesterase8. By doing so, acetylcholine is present longer in the neuromuscular junction, leading to stronger muscle contractions.  But the benefits of Tinospora Cordifolia do not stop there! Tinospora Cordifolia has also been shown in preliminary literature to be a potent antioxidant and anti-carcinogen, have insulin-like effects on reducing blood glucose, enhance the metabolism of drugs and actually improve liver cell function9.

The Anabolic aspect of Natadrol:

Curculigo Orchioides - Water Based Extract: This new extract is similar to Hibiscus in that the water based extract is a potent sexual stimulant and anabolic. Still, the water based extract was shown in the literature to have potent sexual and anabolic effects2. More importantly, the water based extract of Curculigo Orchioides leaves out the estrogenic components found in ethanolic extracts. Researchers observed weight gains in reproductive organs and have described Curculigo Orchioides as having “testosterone like effects.”  

Cissus Quadrangularis - Standardized for Ketosterones: Cissus Quadrangularis is the "anabolic factor" in Natadrol. This ingredient is well known as a weight loss agent, joint repair product and is also thought to be an anti-cortisol supplement3. Cortisol has been shown to destroy muscle tissue. By lowering cortisol levels, cissus may help keep your body in a muscle building, anabolic state. This cortisol lowering ability, combined with the anabolic content of Cissus Quadrangularis including beta-sitosterol and ketosteroids, provides incredible muscle building effects and enhanced pumps during exercise and training.  It is hypothesized that Cissus Quadrangularis is also an anabolic agent in muscle cells and it has lots of anecdotal reports on its use in that way. The ketosterones appear to rebuild muscle and connective tissue, which is important when weight and strength are drastically increased over a short period of time. The ingredient's nutritional properties are all part of a proper muscle gaining supplement program, so it makes sense why Cissus Quadrangularis is in the product and it should work well in conjunction with the other ingredients.

pSARM found in Natadrol:

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinesis - Water Based Extract: Shown in the literature as a potent pSARM (phyto selective androgen response modifier), this again is only valid with the proper water based extraction method. This water-based plant is an anabolic pSARM that shows an increase in body weight in athletes using this potent anabolic ingredient5. You many wonder why LG Sciences included the water-based extract of Hibiscus Rosa-Sinesis instead of an ethanolic based extract.  The ethanolic extract is both estrogenic and androgenic, which makes it undesirable until someone can figure out how to separate the fractions, but until then we can enjoy its pSARM properties, which are quite significant themselves. Hibiscus Rosa-Sinesis similar to Curculigo Orchioides, the water based extract of Hibiscus must be used in order to avoid phytoestrogen components. This extract contains pSARM (phyto-selective androgen receptor modulator) components. These pSARMs may act like testosterone in muscle tissue and produce anabolic effects without the side effects of steroids. Therefore, this hibiscus extract is perfect for the Natadrol formulation, and like Curculigo Orchioides, will help reduce recovery time, reduce estrogen and increase nitric oxide synthase activity!


The combination of the four ingredients covers all of the androgenic and anabolic bases and could certainly be compared to a sane level of andro-based prohormones. The beauty of this mix is that it is totally natural and appropriate for drug tested athletes and employees. This has become a pretty big concern for people in the military or in a collegiate athletic program and is a welcome alternative for people who can't use andro-based supplements.  The manufacturer recommends a light PCT or post cycle therapy with Natadrol. Post cycle therapy is when a person uses something after a cycle to boost natural testosterone production such as LG Sciences Formadrol Extreme for PCT.  It's not absolutely necessary, but the strong nature of this product means you will want to kick start your natural production immediately after taking Natadrol.

Natadrol has the ability to a replacement for many andro based supplements for athletes who are drug tested or normal males that are interested in staying completely natural. It has an interesting ingredient profile and the preliminary science certainly suggests that the claims by the manufacturer are valid. With Natadrol you may get the full anabolic/androgenic spectrum with extremely impressive results that lead to gains in lean body mass, a heightened level of self-esteem, and an aggressively charged libido.

Preliminary Studies Suggest Natadrol may...

  •  May Increase your LBM
  •  May Decrease your subcutaneous water retention
  •  May Promote a lean, dry, vascular look
  •  May Give profound strength increases
  •  May Supercharge your libido and give rock-hard erections
  •  May Increase your positive aggression
  •  May Boost confidence and mood

For more information about LG Sciences Products, please visit: http://www.lgsciences.com/

1. Ahmed, S.M. “Quantitative determination of four constituents of Tinospora species by a reversed-phase hplc-uv-dad method broad-based studies revealing variation in content of four secondary metabolites in the plant from different eco-geographical regions of India.” J Chromatographic Science. 44.8 (2006): 504-9.

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8. Vinutha, B. “Screening of selected indian medicinal plants for acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity.” J Ethnopharmacology. 109.2 (2007): 359-63.

9. Wadood, N. et al. “Effect of Tinospora cordifolia on blood glucose and total lipid levels of normal and alloxan-diabetic rabbits.” Planta Medica. 58.2 (1992): 131-6.






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  4.5 out of 5

Lean out while you Bulk

by: Rick
Date: 03/24/2014
Would buy again? Yes
On my third bottle of Natadrol Platinum and totally loving it. Natadrol is awesome for leaning out - I put on 8 pounds in 60 days, but I look and feel much leaner. I haven't had any of the side effects that people tend to report - am I lucky or are they full of it? Anyway, it's really cheap stuff and it delivers. I'm going to be running Natadrol Platinum for awhile!
  2.5 out of 5

Beginners beware

by: Simon
Date: 03/28/2014
Would buy again? Maybe
As a novice, I would say Natadrol is a bit too intense of a product to start out on. I have no tolerance to test-boosters and the list of ingredients they contain, so that's definitely the problem. I became very irritable and my libido was out of control.
  4.5 out of 5

Great strength and vasularity

by: David
Date: 03/24/2014
Would buy again? Yes
Natadrol Platinum is an awesome natural product. I've packed on a lot of strength and some sick vascularity. Haven't had trouble with recovery or aggression - and no, it doesn't make your libido go crazy, which is good since i'm 25. Don't need any help in that department. #NatadrolDoesntMakeMeHorny
120 Caplets
$69.00 $36.95
Natadrol Platinum Series, 120 Caplet (Sold Out) 

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

120 Caplet
Serving size 1 Caplet
Servings per container 120
Amount Per Serving
Proprietary Blend
Proprietary Blends: Cissus Quadrangularus (whole plant), Hibiscus Rosa-Sinesis (flower), Curcuglo Orchioides (root), Tinospora Cordifolia (bark)
900 mg

 Other Ingredients

Dextrin, Magnisium Stearate, Silica, Methyl Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Croscarmellose.

 Directions for Natadrol Platinum Series

Take 4 tablets a day divide doses prior to breakfast, lunch and dinner for up to 12 weeks.

 Warnings for Natadrol Platinum Series

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. NOT FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 YEARS. Consult a physician or licensed qualified health care professional before using this product if you have, or have a family history of, prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, heart disease, low "good" cholesterol (HDL), or if you are using any other dietary supplement, prescription drug, or over the counter drug. Do not exceed recommended serving. Exceeding recommended serving may cause serious adverse health effects. Possible side effects include acne, hair loss, hair growth on the face (in women), aggressiveness, irritability, and increased levels of estrogen. Discontinue use and call a physician or licensed qualified health care professional immediately if you experience rapid heart beat, dizziness, blurred vision, or other similar symptoms. Made in a facility that may process dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, fish, barley and shellfish. Do not use if governed by any body that prohibits hormone use.

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