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Vital Core

  by NRG-X Labs
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NRG-X Labs Vital Core
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Vital Core 270 Capsules by NRG-X Labs

What's the most important supplement everyone needs to use -? A good multi-vitamin!!! YES, you need to be taking your vitamins - now, you don’t want to be choking down 8+ huge tablets twice a day and you can forget about all those "one a day" vitamins; the only way a "one a day" would get you the nutrients you need is if you were to take one full bottle a day! With Vital Core you take just 3 capsules in the morning and 3 more in the evening and you're done. You get everything you need and should be getting to make the rest of what you do in the gym or just at work run smoothly. Your body needs good nutrition and nutrients to help lose fat, build muscle, fight stress, help with digestion and just LIVE life to the up-most! Get a bottle of Vital Core today and feel the difference a quality multi-vitamin can make.

Vital Core is formulated for serious athletes and individuals who have physical, mental and chemical stresses of a busy lifestyle. For the human body to perform at an optimal level, it must be supplied the correct balance of nutrients, such a high performance engine requires the right ratio of race fuels.

Vital Core combines key vitamins, minerals, greens blends, liver support and free radical scavengers for supporting optimal enzymatic functions, immune system, detoxification, pH balance and digestive health. Vital Core is enhanced with daily stress factors to combat the mental and physical fatigue that tear down our mind and body everyday. Vital Core strengthens from your CORE.


* Complete vitamin system
* No large pills
* The good nutrition your body needs
* Build muscle and fight stress and aid digestion


Take 3 VC-Caps twice per day with your meals (breakfast and dinner preferably). For best results, Vital Core should be used in combination with other NRG-X Labs high quality products. It is recommended to consume at least 1-2 gallons of water per day, while eating a high protein/moderate carbohydrate diet as part of a healthy nutritional plan.




270 Capsules
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Vital Core, 270 Capsules (In Stock) 
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Vital Core, 270 Capsules 852263995544

Vital Core, 270 Capsules 852263995544

Brand: NRG-X Labs

Size / Content: 270 Capsules

GTIN: 00852263995544

UPC: 852263995544

Weight: 0.5 pound

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