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Purus Labs SlinShot
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Purus Labs™ SLINshot™ represents a truly novel agent in the
field of glucose management, nutrient absorption, repartitioning,
and glycogen replenishment. It contains a single, all
natural insulin sensitizing agent which has been shown to enhance
blood glucose and nutrient (e.g., creatine) clearance
following ingestion. As always, Purus Labs™ uses the exact
form and dosage found to be efficacious via oral intake documented
in human subject research.
For athletic purposes, SLINshot™ can be taken immediately
postworkout in conjunction with a high glycemic carbohydrate
beverage in order to enhance glycogen replenishment. For
glucose regulatory or repartitioning purposes, SLINshot™ can
be taken 15 minutes prior to any carbohydrate meal thus lowering
the impact of blood glucose.



This product has been discontinued.

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