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On Cycle

  by Fizogen
Fizogen On Cycle
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On Cycle by Fizogen 90 Capsules

ON CYCLE is a cutting edge advancement in anabolic/androgenic enhancement consisting of a highly specialized fusion of compounds. This unique blend of designer agents is used to promote a heightened anabolic and androgenic activity in the body, which may dramatically increase muscle hypertrophy.

2 TEST-A-PV - 1500mg
The single most potent and effective natural non-steroidal blend of testosterone boosting agents ever invented. Puncture Vine extract has been proven to dramatically increase testosterone levels in humans. This extract has been used in secret by top strength coaches fortunate enough to know about it in the United States during the past few years. It is proven to aid muscular development in athletes without the use of anabolic steroids or other banned substances. Puncture Vine is believed to naturally enhance Leutinizing Hormone production, which directly signals the testicles to produce more testosterone.

Tonkat Ali has also been added in an extremely high dose and is touted to possess even greater effectiveness as a stimulator of natural testosterone. Studies show an increase of up to 400% in lab rats with increased mounting frequency even when castrated. Studies concerning testosterone output in humans with use of this herbal extract have been equally as promising as the animal studies mentioned. Anecdotal reports of in vivo use in humans are being recorded to produce testosterone increases that are out-right astonishing. Fizogen has precisely combined these compounds in a metabolically synergistic ratio to multiply their already highly concentrated mechanisms of action. Only the highest quality and most biologically active raw ingredients are used for optimal utilization. 2-TEST-A-PV may enhance energy levels, improve strength and recovery, produce a highly aggressive attitude in the gym and ultimately result in explosive muscle growth. Due to the enormous boost in testosterone blood levels produced, 2-TEST-A-PV may also have the welcome side effect of triggering a mind blowing and almost uncontrollable sex drive. 2-TEST-A-PV promises to be one of the biggest endogenous ergogenic enhancement discoveries of the decade.

PAFRI-MOO - 860mg
PAFRI-MOO is the most scientifically validated combination of anabolic and adaptogenic extracts in use today with proven efficiacy. These chemical constituents are most commonly used in their raw form by Russia and Eastern Bloc countries where record smashing feet's of strength are most commonly reported. To produce PAFRI-MOO, Fizogen has combined a high level synergy of extracts from these anabolic and adaptogenic compounds. These agents have been proven to elicit enormous muscle building properties and may simultaneously result in decreased body fat levels. Pfaffia Paniculata and Eastern Bloc Leuzea Carthamoides Extract contain high amounts of 20-beta-hydroxyecdysone and Ponasterone A, which are naturally occurring anabolics that are widely accepted ergogenic aids in the scientific community. Ajuga Turkestanica contains closely related but slightly different chemical structures of active ingredients called Ecdysteroids. A popular Spanish study has proven that the combination of Turkestana, 20-Hydroxyecdysone and Ponasterone exhibits many times stronger of an anabolic
activity than when either compound was used alone. The levels of increase in protein synthesis produced by this combination may swell muscle size as fast as moderate doses of synthetic anabolic steroids without suppression of endogenous hormonal output.

Black Russian Moomiyo Extract has also been added to PAFRI-MOO and was solely used by the Russian Olympic teams as an adaptogenic compound to help enhance the bodies recovery process and promote optimal hormonal rebound, which are both suppressed from extremely strenuous exercise. PAFRI-MOO combined with the 2-TEST-A-PV will coax tremendous muscle growth at a level never before possible without the use of exogenous illegal anabolic hormones and agents.

ORC-DION - 300mg
This infusion agent has been designed to enhance the absorption of active compounds in 2-TEST-A-PV by providing essential nutrients and building block compounds required in the bodies production of testosterone. Dioscorea Villosa Extract (DV) is actually the base ingredient used in the production of anabolic steroids and testosterone in many labs. The extract used in this formula is the most bioactive compound found in DV called diosgenin, which is one of many targeted precursor chemicals of testosterone.

Bovine Orchic Extract is known as a protomorphagenic compound. When protomorphogens are administered orally, radiographic studies have shown a localized accumulation and absorption of radio-isotopes at the same site of similar tissue ingested. So in theory, when ORC-DION is added to ON CYCLE NS, the testicles will synergistically achieve a forced absorption of the essential building blocks of testosterone. This may speed the absorption and total supply of raw testosterone producing ingredients and supercharge the 2-TEST_A-PV ingredients into producing levels of androgenic output never before seen in a natural product.

BLAC-YIN - 300mg
The final active ingredient in this ground breaking formula is a High-Grade Pro-Androgenic Analog. This compound contains ingredients, which have been observed to either mimic the effects of testosterone or actually contain testosterone analogs. Yin Yang Huo Extract has long been used as an aphrodisiac in Asia because of its potent testosterone-like effects. Black Diamond Truffle Extract is also touted as an extremely potent sexual stimulator and actually contains naturally occurring testosterone analogs.

GIDIA - 35mg
A Gastro-intestinal Digestion Infusion Agent that facilitates the absorption and uptake of active ingredients from the stomach and intestines into bloodstream.

ML-DTX - 25mg
A proprietary fusion of ingredients, which effectively aids in the removal of harmful toxins from the body and promotes optimal liver health

DBA-BSP - 24mg
A powerful blend of herbal extracts that help to lower the conversion of testosterone into DHT and promote optimal prostate health.



This product has been discontinued.

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