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  by   AMS
Overall Rating:   5 out of 5
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  • Deep Sleep = Quality Mass
  • Promotes Slow-Wave “Delta” Sleep
  • Block “REM” Catabolism
  • Sleep Deeper and Experience Vivid Dreams
  • Release More GH
  • Overcome Daily Stimulant Buildup – Sleep Instantly

What is Nocturnabol™
Nocturnabol is a powerful sleep aid that helps you build mass in a deeper ‘Slow Wave” or “Delta” sleep cycle.

What is “Delta Sleep”
Delta Sleep is the deepest stage of sleep and is crucial for GH Release and muscle building

What is “REM” Catabolism”
REM catabolism is restless sleep that pushes the body’s metabolism in to catabolic mode.

Why is Nocturnabol Better than other Sleep Products
Nocturnabol’s formula is dosed strong enough to push the mind in to deep sleep necessary to build muscle and release GH but will not cause oversleep and grogginess.

How Does it Work
The unique formula pushes the brain past REM and in to the most coveted and optimal stage for muscle repair and growth – “Delta” or Deep Sleep. Once the brain reaches “delta” stage – muscle and tissue repair occur more readily and faster.



What Makes Nocturnabol™ the Strongest on the Market
There is literally no other Sleep aid that pushes the brain to “Delta” Sleep faster or more efficiently than Nocturnabol. There is also little to no grogginess once the brain awakes from its “Delta” sleep cycle.

Why Should I buy Nocturnabol™
Simply put – Nothing can deprive a hard and successful day at the gym faster than stressful, poor or REM cycle sleep patterns. Nocturnabol makes sure your effort at the gym is maximized with the sleep your body needs.

Nocturnabol™ is comprised of pharmaceutical grade amino acids in a unique blend that balances your body’s need for sleep and muscle repair.

What other AMS Products Should I stack it with
Arom-X RD™ to naturally restore free testosterone levels while you sleep. Take Nocturnabol and Arom-X RD together to maximize the natural mass building environment at night.



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  5 out of 5


by: Christian
Date: 01/23/2015
Would buy again? Yes
This works wonders, I've only been using it for the past week, but the quality of sleep has improved dramatically. This makes me feel like I've gotten 8 full hrs of undisturbed sleep when I'm lucky to get a full 6hrs in.
  5 out of 5

Sleep like a Baby

by: Brandon
Date: 01/23/2015
Would buy again? Yes
My friend gave me half of his Nocturnabol and since then i have slept like a baby and wake up looking bigger and leaner. This product is freaky good. I take this before bed and woke up with reduced soreness, i even had bigger gains after workouts with Nocturnabol. Thanks for this amazing product AMS!!!!
  5 out of 5

Get the best sleep of your life

by: Daniel
Date: 01/23/2015
Would buy again? Yes
Much better product than just your stand alone melatonin, or just zma product. Investing in this will definitely get you the best sleep of your life.
  5 out of 5


by: Juan
Date: 01/23/2015
Would buy again? Yes
I work ten hour shifts six days a week. Some days I can barely get to sleep and when I do I spend most of the night tossing and turning. I take this when I leave work and by the time I get home I want nothing more than to jump in bed. Nocturnabol makes 4-5 hours of sleep seem like 8-10 hours. I immediately noticed better sleeping patterns and also saw increased size in my shoulders. I well never buy anything else
  5 out of 5

Helps Sleep

by: Kevin
Date: 01/23/2015
Would buy again? Yes
This stuff helps me sleep after a hard workout that makes me sore. Puts me out in 15 mins or less
30 Capsules
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NOCTURNABOL, 30 capsule (In Stock) 
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Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

30 capsule
Serving size 1 capsule
Servings per container 30
Amount Per Serving
5-HTP 25 mg 0%
B-3 15 mg 0%
Green Tomato SE 10 mg 0%
L-Tryptophan 500 mg 0%
Melatonin 750 mcg 0%

 Other Ingredients

Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silica.

 Directions for NOCTURNABOL

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule per day, 30 minutes prior to sleep.

 Warnings for NOCTURNABOL

Not for use by individuals under the age of 21 years. Keep out of reach of children. Consult with your physician before using this product. Store in a dry, cool place with lid tightly closed. Use of this product may be banned by some athletic or government associations (including military). Athletes and others should consult their sanctioning organization before using.

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