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  by VPX Sports
VPX Sports NO-Shotgun
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NO Shotgun by VPX Sports

NO Shotgun by VPX Sports is the latest phenomenon in muscle growth technology by the industry leader. Well known for great products like Redline Power Rush 7 Hour, Fiber Teq, and Redline Ultra Hardcore, VPX Sports continuously demonstrates authority in the industry of fitness and bodybuilding supplementation, and with NO Shotgun, VPX Sports has generated the most ground breaking clinical and university tested research in the history of muscle science. Best known as the most cutting edge in the industry, NO Shotgun by VPX Sports comprises a superior synergistic blend of effective compounds clinically combined with a state of the art pharmaceutical delivery system that yields extreme, skin bursting effects; while at the same time aiding in recovery and protein synthesis. NO Shotgun means unlimited muscle growth potential! That’s right, unlimited potential. Unlike other muscle growth supplements, NO Shotgun  activates satellite cell proliferation at the genetic level and promotes muscle hyperplasia. That means NO Shotgun helps you grow new muscle, not just maximize the muscle you already have.

NO Shotgun by VPX Sports contains Meltdowns and Redline which produce powerful fat burning and high energy technology for superior intensity. With its proprietary blend of 40,000 milligrams of anabolic protein fractions in just one serving, there are no waxy fillers or inexpensive dextrose supplements. NO Shotgun contains magnesium tanshinoate B for Nitric Oxide induced intense muscle pumps. NO Shotgun eliminates bloating and allows the body to efficiently transport creatinol-o-phosphate and creatine phosphate tetrahydrate into every muscle tissue, eliminating muscle fatigue and enhancing lean muscle mass. With NO Shotgun by VPX Sports, you can crank out more sets, and more muscle blasting reps to increase lean muscle mass.  VPX Sports is so confident that NO Shotgun is the most advanced and best product on the market that they are offering a $100,000 challenge to any supplement company that can conclusively prove in a University double blind study that their product is better at generating lean muscle, and greater ATP for more explosive workouts with no induced blood engorged pumps. It goes without saying that no one has accepted VPX’s challenge!

For best results, VPX Sports recommends that NO Shotgun not be used in conjunction with Meltdown or Redline, or any other product containing other stimulants or caffeine.  One scoop of NO Shotgun should be mixed with 8 to 10 ounces of water or your favorite beverage, and consumed prior to any kind of athletic event or resistance training. NO Shotgun should be used in combination with a balanced diet and regular exercise program.




This product has been discontinued.

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