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Champion Nutrition Muscle Nitro
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Muscle Nitro by Champion Nutrition 120 Capsules


Many top professional and amateur athletes are familiar with the amazing benefits of this revolutionary product, but they won't tell their best friend about it.

Why? Competitive advantage!

MUSCLE NITRO can give you up to 11% more exercise capacity. MUSCLE NITRO improves aerobic capacity by an astonishing 300%. And that's not based on some pie-in-the-sky claim, but on results derived from a University study conducted by world-famous Exercise Physiologist, Dr. Thomas Fahey.

This happens because the succinates in MUSCLE NITRO make your muscle cells more efficient at getting the oxygen in your blood into their energy production cycle. This literally means more ''wind''. Think about being 11% better tomorrow than you were in your last race. Nice, yes?

MUSCLE NITRO reduces muscle soreness and cramping.
MUSCLE NITRO can help you recover more quickly.
Calcium ions are the biochemical trigger for muscle contraction. Every time you maximally stress muscle, calcium ions leak out and damage the membranes of your muscle cells. This sets off a chain of events leading to inflammation that can easily double your recovery time. You experience this damage as pain, soreness, injury, and poor performance. The succinates in MUSCLE NITRO help transport those nasty calcium ions away from where they can do damage, and back to where they can do some good.

Another University study confirmed that MUSCLE NITRO prevented muscle damage (as determined by blood tests), and also dramatically reduced delayed-onset muscle soreness.

MUSCLE NITRO is part of The Endurance System.
The Endurance System is a BEFORE, DURING and AFTER sequence of products that can increase your stamina during long, intense activity and allow you to recover stronger. It was originally designed to optimize the metabolism and thus the performance of the endurance athlete. MUSCLE NITRO along with MET ENDURANCE are The Endurance System products recommended to be used BEFORE your event.

Called “the secret weapon” by Saturn Pro Cycling Team Manager Jim Copeland, The Endurance System has been used religiously by the world’s best professional athletes for more than six years. Athletes such as Tim DeBoom, Steve Larsen, The Rocky Mountain Pro Race Team, and Team Mongoose utilize The Endurance System to ensure their win. Serious competitive amateur athletes everywhere are now discovering this new revolution in sports nutrition.

Available sizes: 120 capsules.
Serving size 8 capsules
Amount Per Serving
Calories 130 Calories from Fat 20
% Daily Value*
Sodium 95 mg 4%
Potassium 350 mg 10%
L-glutamic Acid 1797 mg º
L-leucine 1222 mg º
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
º Dialy Value not established

Other Ingredients:
Succinate ETF (proprietary blend which contains potassium succinate, sodium succinate, magnesium succinate, calcium succinate), L-isoleucine, inosine, L-valine, niacin, stearic acid, silica dioxide, carmine (natural color).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best time to take MUSCLE NITRO?
For best results, take it one hour to 30 minutes BEFORE you engage in your training or event. Because the succinates can be quite acidic, we strongly recommend to take it with some food or a meal supplement , like METABOLOL ENDURANCE to avoid the potential for upset stomach.


Muscle Nitro Reviews

This product has been discontinued.

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