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Maximize Intense

  by I Force
I Force Maximize Intense
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 What is Maximize Intense?

Maximize Intense is iForce Nutrition's newest and most advanced pre-workout ignition system. Featuring the most advanced stimulant, nitric oxide, and performance enhancing ingredients available, Maximize Intense will add an entire new dimension to the term "pre-workout". 

What is the difference between Maximize Intense and Maximize v2?

While many people believe you can't improve upon perfection, we did it! Maximize Intense utilizes all of the best attributes of Maximize v2, while significantly improving on others. Here are the major improvements:

1. Maximize Intense has an updated stimulant blend: While Maximize v2 is known to be one of the strongest pre-workouts ever made, Maximize Intense takes it to an entirely new level. Featuring a stimulant not used in Maximize v2, Maximize Intense will help ensure you have an incredibly smooth "ride up" the stimulant wave, and an equally smooth "ride down". This means a calm/smooth energy rush that is coupled with a 100% crash free ending. 
2. Maximize Intense has an updated Nitric Oxide blend: Maximize v2 was the first pre-workout to utilize Agmatine, and now Maximize Intense will be the first pre-workout to include Agmatine + another Nitric Oxide powerhouse. If you thought pumps from Maximize v2 were impressive, hang on to your seats!
3. Maximize Intense has an updated flavoring system: While we all know that Maximize v2 offers some of the best ingredients available, its also known that the taste COULD be improved upon...so we did just that. We re-worked both the Fruit Punch Slam and the Raspberry Lemonade to make them taste AMAZING, as well as are introducing a brand new flavor(seen above) called Mango Peach Tea! If you like the taste of HemaVol...you're going to love the taste of Maximize Intense!



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