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M1D Black Series

M1D Black Series
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FAST gains | FREAKY strength | EXTREME vascularity

This is what we are KNOWN for. This is what we DELIVER
While the times have changed, and the government has cracked down more and more on your right to be HUGE,  the products our competitors are hyping as muscle builders, is simply INEXCUSABLE!  We look around and see products sitting on the shelves that wouldn’t put muscle on a shipwreck victim!

So now it is time once again, to put the rest of the industry on notice.  Remind them that we are still the MASTERS of MASS.  We are going to put into YOUR hands the product you deserve.  A product that will not only deliver, but EXCEED your expectations.   M1D Black is NOW HERE!



Really, we could have listed a whole bunch of scientific jargon about how M1D Black will “activate transcriptive anabolic pathways” or “Increase uptake of amino acid substrates”.  We can impress you with a whole bunch of images of molecules, and promise 9999% more anabolic uptake or some garbage like that, but we will leave that to our competitors who are doing that every day!  What matters to you is MASS, SIZE and STRENGTH.  THAT is what we deliver.  Let our competition worry about your “transcriptive anabolic pathways” and we will worry about making you HUGE!




112 Capsules
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