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Liquid Trifecta Kit

Liquid Trifecta Kit
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LG Sciences Liquid Trifecta Kit!

The LG Sciences Trifecta Stack has been around for a long time but overwhelmingly we've been asked when we plan on bringing back the Liquid Masterdrol portion of the cycle. That got our brains flowing and although our Trifecta Kit is still the best selling prohormone kit we needed to do somethings different to get people excited about a new kit! Maybe a new prohormone, the original BEAST that was liquid masterdrol will get your attention!

Why Liquids over Pills?

The mouth is more important to the digestive system than anyone ever realized. Based on the ingredient, there are some preliminary studies showing that the mouth can absorb up to 250X more of an ingredient than a pill! Of course this won't work for things like creatine where you need 3-6g to be effective, but for prohormones and anti-estrogens, this can supercharge each dose! Slamming more active into your system than pills!

Methyl 1-D Liquid - Faster Delivery + A New Prohormone

Methyl 1-D has always been our flagship product and when formulating Methyl-1D Liquid, we wanted to give Methyl 1-D Liquid an extra kick! Understand that as a liquid you will get an immediate bump in activity from the faster absorption but we thought you needed more!

We added in our newest prohormone 17beta-[1-ketoethyl]-androstane-3beta,17alpha-diol, 5a-Hydroxy for short. This prohormone will add more androgenic effects to Methyl 1-D Liquid and increase the strength boosting effects. Add that to the original prohormone, throw in some anti-estrogens and you get a product that is potent enough to be called Methyl 1-D.

MMv3 Liquid Masterdrol REBORN!

Following on our popular Liquid Masterdrol product, we knew we needed to put together something equally strong and intense. We combined the oral delivery power of epiandrosterone (3b-hydroxy-androstane-17-one) a potent prohormone with a kick of 80% pure ecdysterone to help increase the strength boosting power of this prohormone. Our testers found that the combination of epiandrosterone and ecdysterone gives enough of a boost to be the perfect mix of androgenic and anabolic effects and should stack perfectly with the prohormones in Methyl 1-D.

Formadrol Liquid

To end your cycle on a high note the liquid version of Formadrol gives you amazing estrogen control along with prostate support. We combined the most potent natural aromatase inhibitor "BENZO" along with ultra pure trans resveratrol to knock down the nasty effects of estrogen and help you recover. Finally we added in a potent nettle extract to help with PCT.

Bringing it all together!

We feel that this potent combination of our three best formula's, now in a ultra-concentrated liquid will give you the best cycle of your life. If you've used the old Trifecta Stack and had good results or are just wanting to do a prohormone cycle, you are going to want to jump on the new Liquid Trifecta Stack.

Do any of the following problems sound familiar?

- You feel overwhelmed by all the supplement choices out there. Let's face it. There are huge numbers of supplements on the market. It's sometimes hard to know where to start! This frustration and overwhelm can make you feel less enthusiastic about working out.

- You struggle with how to stack your supplements for the best results. Often new bodybuilders don't make the best choices when they stack supplements. They just take a random bunch of things that have no synergy.

- You aren't sure exactly what to eat and when to eat it. Often bodybuilders have no idea how to eat properly to grow. This can lead to a lot of wasted time in the gum. It can also lead to you getting frustrated and quitting your program all together!

- You don't know what workout is best for you. Bodybuilders often find it challenging to find a workout that is basic enough to give great results. Often they just do a variety of machines and are working out muscle groups that don't make sense. There just seems to be a piece of the puzzle missing and this is it!

All of the above problems are frustrating as hell! And you do know what...

Almost every bodybuilder struggles with these problems at some stage. You are certainly not alone! Solving these problems puts you in the top 5% of bodybuilders...

Think about your friends for a moment. How many of them totally dominate in gym? How many can lift the big weight with guys like me...and make it look as if they are not even trying? My guess would be...


Why is this? There are dozens and dozens of supplements on the market. There are also many workout plans that you can follow. Why are there so few bodybuilders who can actually throw around the weight and look near contest shape all year around?

The question is worthy of some serious thought!

I believe the answer is this... No supplements or diet programs give you all three of the essential mastery skills that lead to a perfect physique...

Most "supplements" just assume you have the three in harmony. They don't care about the three pillars of bodybuilding. That's why they don't work for most people! Supplements without diet and a good exercise program only work for the most genetically gifted bodybuilders out there who have the perfect genetics. You know the guys, who can eat Twinkies all day and still look ripped. Most of us need some extra help!

Please take a couple of minutes to look at it. What do you think it means? Let's take a closer look now...

- SUPPLEMENTS: Mastering this as a bodybuilder means that you understand what supplements to take and why. You know exactly what each supplement does and how it works with your body.

- EXERCISE: This is how well the workout program you use adds to your physique. It's the basis for getting ripped and sadly this is what most people get totally wrong!

- DIET: This is what your body uses to build that muscle you are working on. You need this in check to truly grow!

- SLEEP: Quality sleep is when your body recovers and repairs, allowing you to get maximum muscle density and it let's you get back in the gym ready to rock!

What does this all mean?

Even if you are lacking in even one area...you won't be fully in tune on building muscle! It means that your body isn't firing at all levels and on all cylinders. This means that getting the body you want is challenging...if not impossible!
And the scary thing is...

Very few supplement companies even take the time to inform you about the other 3 pillars. They promise you the world with their supplement and when it doesn't perform it can be very frustrating...

• They make unbelievable claims of muscle gain.
• They throw everything into their supplement because they don't know any better.
• They under dose everything and make it look like you are getting a lot of ingredients.
• They tell you it's your fault if you are not getting results.
• They give you potentially harmful combinations that may do more harm than good!

You get the idea. They are throwing "supplement hurdles" in your way which slows down your progress. That really sucks! Which is why I recommend the Trifecta Stack to everyone I train with...

IMPORTANT: It is not my intention to "hard sell" you here. Frankly, it's not my style. I know that the Trifecta Stack will really help a lot of people. But I also know...it won't be for everyone. Not everyone will want or need it and some people want totally natural supplements. For that we have the Natabolic Kit, which offers all of the benefits of the four pillars.

Bodybuilding Pillar #1: The Supplements

In this part of the Trifecta Kit you'll find the exact supplements you'll need to get you past your plateaus . Proper supplements are key to giving you the absolute best nutrients that will allow you to gain more mass and density than you ever thought possible!

According to preliminary studies, the ingredients in the Trifecta Kit may have benefits that include:

• Increased Testosterone
• Reduced Conversion To Estrogen
• Reduced DHT Production
• Increased Muscle Mass
• Increased Strength
• Increased Sex Drive
• Increased Focus

Bodybuilding Pillar #2: The Exercise Program

You must exercise to get big. That's no secret. However you need to do the right exercises in the right way in order to get hyper growth! Without a key exercise plan, you will never get the ripped up look that is achieved by the professionals. This is very powerful stuff. The workout plan was designed to give you maximum gains in the shortest amount of time! Without it you are cheating yourself!

Using our workout program you will:

• Eventually develop habits that will stay with you for life
• You'll enjoy working out more often because you can see the results
• You'll get gains faster than you ever thought possible

Bodybuilding Pillar #3: Proper Diet

You can't get the most out of any supplement or workout program without the proper diet. The Trifecta Kit teaches you what to eat and why. It also shows you the pathway to protein rich foods that will help you gain massive amounts of mass in the shortest time. The "pro's" say getting big doesn't happen in the gym, it happens in the kitchen. Learn these secrets and grow BIG!
WARNING: Please do NOT read this if you are easily offended...

I know that I WILL offend some people and lose some sales by what I'm about to say. And I really don't care. I just feel that it needs to be said. So, here it is...

Do not order the Trifecta Kit if you are a lazy bum who dreams of getting massive without changing your lifestyle. Keep your money...I don't want it. I am totally serious about this.

If you have the work ethic and disipline of a crack-addicted-sun-dried-tomato, please order supplements from the "other guy" who promises easy results and doesn't deliver. Only the 4 pillars can make you big, not one supplement. Give me a freakin' break...

Getting huge takes dedication and someone who follows the plan. If you aren't willing to invest the time and energy, then no supplement will help you.

The Trifecta Kit is suitable for you if you have the following qualities...

• The desire to get your dream body no matter what
• You can follow a simple diet of more protein
• You can stay away from the junk food most of the time
• You enjoy lifting like a beast
• You are willing to try new exercises and get stronger then every

If you have these qualities then you are exactly the sort of person I want to help. You are the sort of person that the Trifecta Kit was created for. In fact, if you have those qualities I see you getting bigger than ever with the Trifecta Kit...
If you are ready to take on the most fulfilling challenge of your life then order right now...

The Trifecta Kit is complete with everything you'll ever need! It includes:

• Methyl 1-D
• MMv3
• Formadrol



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