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All American EFX Kre-Celazine
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What is Kre-Celazine? Kre-Celazine is a patented ingredient that has been suggested to support joint health, flexibility and mobility. Kre-Celazine is a complex material consisting of bonding Kre-Alkalyn® (US Patent 6,399,661) with esterified fatty acid carbons. The esterifyng process makes the fatty acid stable so it does not react with oxygen. (This is not esterified creatine, the fatty acids have been esterified).

What does Kre-Celazine do? Kre-Celazine is multi functioning, which is unique as to why this compound is so effective.

Part 1: The body is made up of an enormous amount of cells separated into varied types and functions. The cell membrane is the organized structure separating and protecting components in the cell from neighboring cells and the outside world. One of the major components of the cell membrane is structural lipids. These lipids regulate the nutrients, minerals, electrolytes, and other compounds across the cell membrane. This regulation is very critical to the adequate function and health of the individual cell.

Kre-Celazine supports the cell membrane and its integrity for efficient functionality. Kre-Celazine provides the cell membrane with an ideal blend of lipids to support its function. A myriad of body stressors impair and target the cell membrane's lipids, creating damage to the peak functioning and health of the membrane and cell. This reaction damages the membrane leading to the cell's demise. Kre-Celazine assists in supporting the function or the channeling capabilities of the cell membrane. The result is a more efficient, fluid permeable, and youthful cell membrane.

Loss of cell membrane integrity from internal and external stressors begins a number of rapid aging processes, which can occur with age, dietary conditions, free radicals, stress, or other insults which stimulate or stiffen cell membranes. Kre-Celazine begins supporting the body on a cumulative basis. Flexibility is supported, Kre-Celazine accomplishes these features by supporting the lipid structure of the cell membrane and converting it to a super-membrane. This unique support of the cell membrane leads to the multitude of restorative and age reversing attributes of Kre-Celazine.



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