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GE Pharma Jetfire
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JetFire Liquid Capsules Time Released Diet Pill & Energizer
The world's first Feel Good -Time Released Patented Caffeine Alpha Ketogluterate diet and energy formula.

JetFire Increases Energy Levels Without a Caffeine Crash.

You've tried lots of diet and energy pills and drinks and you've got the jitters, and it doesn't seem to help. JetFire Patented Liquid Capsules will help you feel awake and alert for hours. What you won't feel is ''jacked up.'' That's because JetFire gives you ''smooth energy'' that lasts. It wears off gradually, not with a sudden crash. Inexpensive and cheap Anhydrous Caffeine is found in all diet and energy drink and tablet and capsule formulas and is known for giving people a jump start, but it is also known for giving people a crash.

Recent Clinical Studies on show that JetFire's patented (Cakg) improves energy, stamina, metabolism, memory, concentration and physical energy for many hours without experiencing the ''typical crash'' associated with cheap generic anhydrous caffeine used in all other caffeine diet and energy products. Only JetFire has (Cakg), a unique modified caffeine molecular compound that is slowly released. Other caffeine based products immediately absorb into your bloodstream causing a massive rush of energy and therefore since it is immediately used, you have a massive ''crash''. Jetfire is totally different. Jetfire's patented formula, slowly releases caffeine into your body and delivers an even flow of energy. Combined with its other ingredients you feel great for hours and never experience that bad feeling. That's why JetFire is referred to as the ''feel good'' energy and diet product and you want to buy it now.

Caffeine is now thought to be ''the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world.'' JetFire's (Cakg) -Caffeine Alpha Ketogluterate has a variety of fantastic pharmacological effects on organ systems and neural functions, that is spread out evenly for hours. It is absorbed into the bloodstream following ingestion via the lining of the stomach and the small intestine, and maintains stable peak levels in the circulation of the increasing metabolic function for hours. JetFire chemically stimulates dopamine and nerve cell activity rather than slowing it down, causing the familiar feeling of ''lift.'' Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that activates the brain's pleasure center and combined with JetFire's other Feel Good ingredients you feel great.

The term ''caffeine crash'' is used to describe what happens after taking a typical diet and energy tablet/capsule or liquid product that contains cheap Anhydrous Caffeine. Baseline energy levels are those present immediately before ingestion of an Anhydrous Caffeine product. These are graphs taken from a clinical trial studying the effects of JetFire Caffeine Alpha Ketogluterate (Cakg) and two competing cheap Anhydrous Caffeine Formulas.

Here's why you want to buy JetFire Now!

-It has Cakg- World First Time Released Non-Jittery Caffeine Alpha Keto Gluterate.

-It is different and better because it does not make you nervous or jittery.

-It is superior because it has long lasting effect speeding up your metabolism.

-It is kick ass because it works and you Feel Great.

What makes patented JetFire™ so special?
Let's start with the liquid capsule delivery system. Not only will this remarkable patented and innovative Technology help provide timed release delivery of Caffein Alpha ketogluterate (Cakg) and all its amazing ingredients, but will also provide a steady delivery of ingredients for hours, which provides incredible long lasting and very potent effects!

Jetfire's ingredients include several patent pending inventions from GE Pharma's researchers, which are blended perfectly to provide maximum thermogenic effects while eliminating 100% of the typical jittery side effects of other caffeine diet products.

What can you expect when taking JetFire?
Typically, within 15-30 minutes, users of JetFIre™ will experience a noticeable charge of energy and slight warming sensation as core body temperature elevates and thermogenic effects begin. This comfortable sensation enhances mental focus and energy levels that will last generally for 4-6 hours. In a recent clinical study users Caffeine Alpha Ketogluterate which is contained in patented JetFire™, reported that they are more comfortable, less nervous, and feel a lot better that when they used other anhydrous caffeine based diet formulas that did produce jittery side effects. JetFire™, is unique and different and has effects that are comfortable and actually very desirable and make you feel great!


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This product has been discontinued.

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