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Gaspari Nutrition Shaker Bottle

Gaspari Nutrition Gaspari Nutrition Shaker Bottle
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Gaspari Nutrition
Shaker Bottle


The Gaspari Nutrition Shaker is perfect for mixing your supplement powders. Don't worry about leaks with our Anti-Leak technology. No more clumpy shakes, the innovative strainer mixes the powder and liquid to perfect viscosity. We care about the environment. You can always be confident that the plastic is 100% recyclable. BPA- & DEHP-Free!

The Gaspari Nutrition Shaker features:

  • Custom blue and orange color with Gaspari Nutrition Logo
  • Precision spout screws on easily
  • Drop-in on strainer/mixer
  • Anti-Leak technology
  • Industrial high quality plastic
  • Non-toxic recyclable plastic, BPA & DEHP free
  • Marked up to 25 fl. ounces on the side.





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Gaspari Nutrition Shaker Bottle (Sold Out) 

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