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  by New Whey Nutrition (IDS)
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New Whey Nutrition (IDS) Fit2Go Liquid Protein Shots
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New Whey Fit 2 Go Nutrition Drink by IDS Sports


New Whey Nutrition - Fit 2 Go Nutrition Drink Berry Melon - 8 oz. (112mL)

An explosion of sweet strawberries and refreshing watermelon mixes to create a one-of-a-kind taste, packed with the essential nutrition you need.


New Whey Nutrition Fit 2 Go Nutrition Drink:

  • Convenient, great-tasting, balanced nutrition!
  • 19 Vitamins & Minerals
  • 15g Protein
  • High in Antioxidants
  • 1000 ORAC Rating
  • 3g Fiber
  • Only 70 Calories!



  • Protein to maintain muscle
  • Support immune health, skin, hair, tissue and cartilage
  • Antioxidants to protect the body against free radicals
  • 1000 ORAC Rating for the immune boost needed to neutralize damaging free radicals
  • Vitamins & Minerals to maintain all body functions
  • Fiber is proven to improve digestive health, lower the risk of heart disease,  cholesterol, diabetes, certain cancers and controls blood sugar levels & appetite


New Whey Nutrition Fit 2 Go Nutrition Drink Contains:

  • No Lactose
  • No Gluten
  • No Sugar
  • No Fat

Fit2Go Who's it For

  • Active
    Heading to the gym? Going for a run? Swimming? Playing tennis? Powder your body before a workout with on-the-go nutrition.
  • Work
    You work hard every day, and your body deserves the best.  Fuel your mind and body with Fit2Go.
  • On-The-Go
    Soccer at 4:00.  Ballet at 4:30.  Dinner at 6:00.  World peace at 6:30? When on-the go, let Fit2Go help you keep going!


About IDS Sports/ New Whey Nutrition
New Whey Nutrition LLC is the leader in great tasting, innovative health and fitness drinks. New Whey Nutrition helps customers around the world improve their health and physical performance through products that are high quality, safe, effective, and delicious.


New Whey Liquid Protein was introduced in 2005 in packages containing 25 or 42 grams of protein. Originally developed to meet the protein requirements of post-surgery bariatric patients, the successful concept was quickly expanded to the fitness, bodybuilding and sports markets. New Whey was the key player in creating a market for protein shots and remains the leading brand in the sports nutrition specialty channel.


New Whey Nutrition also developed the ultimate energy / pre-workout drink, BetaNox. BetaNox is scientifically engineered for sustained endurance, improved performance and mental focus. BetaNox provides customers the ideal combination of Arginine, Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, B-Vitamins, and Caffeine, all with zero sugar and only 25 calories.



Refrigerate after opening.

Nutrition Facts

   Serving  % DV
Calories 70      -  
Total Fat 0 g   -  
Cholesterol 0 g   -  
Sodium 20 mg 1%
Potassium 20 mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 3 g 1%
Dietary Fiber 3 g 11%
Sugars 0 g   -  
Protein 15 g 35%
Vitamin A      20%
Calcium      20%
Vitamin D      20%
Vitamin E      20%
Vitamin B6      25%
Vitamin B12      25%
Phosphorus      37%
Magnesium      20%
Zinc      20%
Selenium      25%
Manganese      25%
Chromium      10%
Niacin B3      25%
Riboflavin B2      25%
Folic Acid B9      25%
Biotin B7      25%
Pantonthenic Acid B5      25%

Ingredients: Water, complete protein matrix (NWN proprietary blend of collagen protein isolate, whey protein isolate, casein protein isolate), maltodextrin, phosphoric acid, calcium lactate pentahydrate, magnesium lactate, magnesium chloride hexahydrate, natural and artificial flavors (contains soy),calcium chloride, citric acid, sodium hexametaphosphate, potassium sorbate (preservative), sucralose, L-isoleucine, zinc gluconate, acesulfame, potassium, L-tryptophan, L-histidine, mono-hydrochloride, monohydrate, D-calcium pantothenate, soy protein isolate and rice flour, red #40, Niacinamide, d-alpha-Tocopheryl acetate, calcium disodium salt of EDTA (sequestrant), blue #1, manganese sulfate monohydrate, selenium complexed with amino acids and polypeptides, vitamin A palmitate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, chromium picolinate, d-biotin, cholecalciferol, Cyanocobalamin.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nutrition Facts are a simulation of the product's "Nutrition Label". For the actual Nutrition Label please refer to the product packaging.




Contains milk. Soy.




New Whey Nutrition also provides an assortment of outstanding products from weight gainers (Smart Gainer), protein powders (Multi Pro), pre-workout and recovery products.


New Whey Nutrition continually strives to provide consumers the most innovative, best tasting, effective and safe products on the market.



Fit2Go Liquid Protein Shots Reviews

This product has been discontinued.

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