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EPIC Liquid Pre-workout

  by LG Sciences
LG Sciences EPIC Liquid Pre-workout
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LG Sciences


CONTAINS the active ingredient in DRIVEN SPORTS CRAZE (Dendrobium)


All the preworkouts are the same these days. This one is spiked with amphetamines, that one had a prescription drug in it...you know the usual stuff! 

We decided we just can't compete with "illegal" products, so if you are into that stuff, our product is not for you. If it feels like an amphetamine, it's probably spiked. Seems like all preworkouts now happen to be Ultra Concentrated too, which means that there isn't shit in them for active ingredients. 

Ultra-concentrated to me means...

Cheap ingredients, all stimulants and nothing that really builds mass...

What could possibly work as good as an illegal stimulant as far as effects, focus and intensity?

If you've been following LG Sciences you will know we are on a HUGE liquid kick. From our research we realized that the mouth is one big nutrient absorbing tissue that most supplement companies ignore. One study using Resveratrol found that just 1mg of Resveratrol in the mouth swished for 60 seconds then swallowed gave the same blood plasma levels as a 250mg capsule! (1) However in order to want to hold it in your mouth for 60 seconds it has to taste REALLY GOOD. Mission accomplished with EPIC. 

That's pretty crazy, so it's obvious that the gut has some major disadvantages for quick absorption. So, we took our new found love for liquids and made the most advanced preworkout that...


If something is illegal, it's probably illegal for a reason. Who knows if any of the rumors are true about spiked preworkouts, but they sure don't feel like safe dietary supplements. 

EPIC is different! We take some of the most well studied ingredients on the market for stimulation, muscle building, DOMS reduction and recovery, add them to pure FOOD GRADE Glycerol, which has been shown in some studies to be a super hydrating agent (1) and make it hit you INSTANTLY with our liquid delivery system that absorbs in your mouth and when swallowed. 


Glycerol + Creatine = BIG MUSCLES. Easy enough, in fact the mass gain from superloading creatine and glycerol was the subject of a study in runners on the positive effects and ONE OF THE MAIN WARNINGS IN THE STUDY WAS MASS GAIN THAT WAS SO PRONOUNCED IT MIGHT MAKE IT HARD TO RUN. Since I am not built for running, I really think INTENSE pumps are a good thing, not something you need to worry about. If you agree, then you are probably in the right place. 

I don't know about you, but I LOVE those kind of pumps. The kind where you flex a little and everything you wear seems tight. The kind that just make you run to a mirror and catch a glimpse of yourself when you think no one is looking. Glycerol and Creatine will give you THOSE pumps. 

Make no mistake, you will train with more endurance and more energy too but it's always nice to get maximum pumps out of a product without putting a bunch of garbage in your system. 

Glycerol is a pump inducing super-hydrating nutrient that people will LOVE once they start using it! (2,3,4,5,6)


Other supplements use Glycerol Monostearate. Stearic (the monostearate) is a fat that isn't going to help you build muscle and may also increase inflammation. What you don't want is a cheap filler that at best does nothing and at worst increases joint pain and inflammation. 

We use 99.9% Pure Glycerol, which is only available in liquid form. EPIC uses this glycerol as the base for our supplement, which means you will be pumped, super-hydrated, and ready to go for your workout! 


We all know you want to get all cranked up and focused too. That's why the "ultra concentrates" are so popular. EPIC won't fail you there. It's going to give you amazing focus, energy, and intensity! We use caffeine, bitter orange with synephrine, and rauwolscine. 

Let's analyze the DMAA fiasco. Someone launched DMAA on the market. No one thought much of it then people started using it in preworkouts. DMAA is great for some people but now there is a huge back lash of people who don't like DMAA and request supplements without it. 

It's always like that with designer stimulants. People go crazy for them initially, then they start feeling terrible and then there is a mass exodus away from them. We want a supplement you can use for years without this roller coaster ride. We know this market, even if EPIC is the best thing ever, YOU the customer will always want to try "new" things. EPIC will be your old friend you call on when you need a good solid supplement, with amazing pumps and amazing focus which is not banned or in controversy. It's just there for you when you need the best work out of your life.




Put 1 Serving in 300ml of water 15-20 minutes prior to workout.


Pour 1 serving into the attached shot glass up to the fill line, hold the shot in your mouth for 60 seconds swishing it around and then swallow completely.



Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 22 ml (1 Shot)
Servings Per Container 30
Amount Per Serving
   Serving  % DV
Proprietary Blend 13500 mg   -  
Proprietary Blend
Glycerol, DiCreatine Malate, Caffeine (Malate/Anhydrous), Fortified Bitter Orange (Synephrine 98%), Dendrobium Officinale (Whole Plant Extract)
*percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Other Ingredients: Water, Citric Acid, Na Benzoate, Ca EDTA, K Sorbate, N&A Flavour, Sucralose, Ace K, Stevia, Xanthan gum, Blue #1, Yellow #5, Red #40 ** Percent Daily Value Not Established.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nutrition Facts are a simulation of the product's "Nutrition Label". For the actual Nutrition Label please refer to the product packaging.



KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. WARNING: NOT FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 YEARS. Consult a physician or licensed qualified health care professional before using this product if you have, or have a family history of, prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, heart disease, low "good" cholesterol (HDL), or if you are using any other dietary supplement, prescription drug, or over-the-counter drug. Do not exceed recommended serving. Exceeding recommended serving may cause serious adverse health effects. Possible side effects include acne, hair loss, hair growth on the face (in women), aggressiveness, irritability, and increased levels of estrogen. Discontinue use and call a physician or licensed qualified health care professional immediately if you experience rapid heart beat, dizziness, blurred vision, or other similar symptoms. Made in a facility that may process dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, fish, barley and shellfish.




Rapid Absorb. Cutting Agent. Thermogenic Acid. Chrome Series. IMPORTANT LEGAL INFORMATION:By purchasing this product you agree:(1)all disputes, claims, and causes of action arising out of or in connection with this product shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, by binding arbitration to take place in Detroit, MI pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association;(2)all claims, judgements, and awards shall be limited to the actual out-of-pocket amount paid by you to DDE LLC to purchase the product, but in no event attorney's fees; and(3)under no circumstances will you be allowed to obtain awards for,and you hereby waive all rights to claim punitive, incidental, or consequential damages, any other damages other than actual out-of-pocket expenses, and all rights to have damages multiplied or otherwise increased. A judgement of any circuit court may be rendered upon the arbitration award made pursuant to this agreement. The construction validity, interpretation and enforceability of this agreement, or the rights and obligations of users and us in connection with this product, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Michigan, without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law, rules or provisions (whether of Michigan or any other jurisdiction) that would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the Michigan. If any of these term are found unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, the provision will be considered severable from the remaining terms, and will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. CA residents ONLY. Arbitration occurs in Redding, CA and the laws of California apply.






This product has been discontinued.

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