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  1. Credit Card Decline Code Explanations
  2. Link for UPS Tracking
  3. Link for UPS Tracking
  4. Out of Stock Notification Reminder System

My credit card was declined and I was given an error code. What does it mean?
Credit cards are declined for one of the two reasons 99% of the time.

  • Code #2 - This means your card company declined the transaction from going through. This can be any number of reasons and should be addressed with your card company directly. Unfortunately there is NOTHING we can do on our end to change this outcome.
  • Code #27 - On a credit card that is issued within the US, this means the billing information (this includes: first name, last name, and address) does not match what your card company has on file. Sometimes this can be attributed to a simple typo so be sure to double-check what you have entered. If it still does not work after double-checking what you have entered, please contact your card company to verify what they have on file. If it is an International credit card, then the decline is because our credit card servicer will not allow the use of this credit card. PayPal is a great alternative for most all of these transactions.
  • Code #11 - This means that you were declined (probably for one of the reasons above) and the #11 simply means that you have not corrected the error and our system will not duplicate the attempted charge because the original mistake has not been corrected. The #11 does not mean that you have a duplicated order in our system.

I received an email with my tracking number... How do I track it?
We either use USPS or UPS for our shipments. The exact method will be noted above the tracking number in your shipment confirmation email.

If your order was shipped via USPS, please CLICK HERE to track your package.

If your order was shipped via UPS, please CLICK HERE to track your package.

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