5 Disgusting Things You Do at the Gym


Have you ever wondered about the dark world of germs and bacteria at your favorite gym? You might think twice about taking some sanitary precautions after reading these 5 disgusting things.

Down Doggin’ into Doo-Doo

Ah, you’ve arrived at the gym, your sanctuary. You have some tight hammies, so you head over to the mats to get in a good pre-workout stretch. You ignore the faint sweat mark that’s quickly disappearing and get your yoga on – I mean a little sweat never hurt anybody, right? Wrong! Picture a seasoned wrestler’s cauliflower ear. Sick. That nasty mat you’re rolling around on is infested with staph, herpes, plantar warts and even HPV. Wipe that baby down before you use it next time, ya’ filthy animal.

Mouth full of E. Coli

When was the last time you washed out that gym water bottle? Think about it. In between smashing sets, you reach (with those grimy fingers of yours) for your water. Then you put your sweaty mouth on it and suck in the hydration. Unbeknownst to you, that water you’re enjoying has been sitting in a film of E. Coli, which is a result of poor cleaning. In fact, a study conducted in 2002 by Calgary University found that the average water quality found in personal water bottles is so poor that it’s deemed unfit to drink.

Candida Baby

You just finished that set; time to gulp down the last of your E. Coli infested water. Now you hit the shower. Darn, you forgot your shower shoes again. Eh…you like to live dangerously, so you step on in, barefoot and fearless. What you don’t know is that you’re not alone in that steamy shower stall. You’re biggest nightmare, Candida, is crawling between your toes. Candida – she’s like a psycho ex-girlfriend. Will she give you ringworm? Jock itch? Athlete’s foot? Who knows what mood she’s in, let’s roll the dice!

It’s Poop Again

Somehow you evaded the black plague lurking in the shower, time to head home. You toss your sweaty workout clothes in your bag and get dressed. But wait – did you know that the average undies carry 1/10 of a gram of disease-carrying feces?! That’s right; by tossing in those sweaty clothes you just infected your bag and all of its contents with a deadly mixture of poop and swamp ass.

He called that shit, Poop!

You’re heading out to your car and you hear a faint ringing coming from your bag. It’s not Candida calling (you’d know because she has a special ring of doom), so you rustle through the sweaty clothes, past your E. Coli water bottle in order to grab the call. You lift the phone out of the bag just before it goes to voicemail. You bring it up to your ear and say, “Hello?” The caller on the line says, “Remember that tenth of a gram of poop in your undies? Well, it’s me. And now, I’m on your face.”

*While this post is based on fact, it is for entertainment purposes only.

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